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Created in Bangkok, ready for the world

No matter where you live, more and more people are moving into small city spaces than ever. That’s why we’ve worked with Thai fashion designers Greyhound Original to develop SAMMANKOPPLA, a limited collection of furniture and home accessories that blends Bangkok street style and creative re-purposing processes with our apartment-living expertise.
The Greyhound story began in the 1980s, when four friends with a passion for living well decided to open a clothes store together. Fast forward several years, and they’re now selling their designs from new locations in Hong Kong, Shanghai and London – and their food from the Greyhound Café in hometown Bangkok. They believe that life should be simple, but never boring – describing their brand’s key concept as “Basic with a creative twist”.

Much of the collection features bold patterns inspired by Bangkok’s urban landscape and Greyhound’s graphic fashion sensibilities.

You’ll find cushions shaped like this in markets throughout South-East Asia – they’re the perfect shape for resting your back on.
The houndstooth design on this bag is one found in traditional Thai weaving – but here it’s made using modern materials.
If it’s stylish, why shouldn’t your lamp look like an old plastic bottle?

“This is a collection influenced by a city where anything goes, and it shows that imperfection can be perfect.”

- Bhanu Inkawat, Executive Creative Director at Greyhound Original
Want an easy way to freshen up your chairs? Try this hoodie on for size. It even comes with handy added pockets – perfect for your TV remote or phone. To celebrate its launch, we’re asking – what does your chair wear? Use the hashtag #whatdoesyourchairwear and show us how creative you can get dressing up your own furniture.

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