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How to make kids bath time easier

Handling the kids’ bath and the aftermath is all about how you set things up. Generous storage for everything helps your bathing routine flow smoothly and getting the room like new again can be done in a jiffy.

Roomy baskets are half the job done

Make it easy for the children to help out with the tidying by getting the rough-and-ready plastic baskets from their hooks on the wall. Here’s lots of storage for bath toys – and back up again, they’re neatly out of the way.

Mixed storage takes care of it all

Everything is back in place after the bath, and the bathroom is set for all your everyday needs again, largely thanks to the combination of open and closed storage, big baskets and a trolley that keep things organised.

Hooks for all heights

It’s a wonder how a towel hook for each family member can keep bathroom traffic flowing smoothly. These are movable so you can arrange and rearrange them any way you like – or simply move them up as the children grow taller.

Convenience on wheels

The trick to keeping a tidy bathroom is convenient storage for everything. And what’s more convenient than a trolley? Easy to bring along, easy to move out of the way – and perfect for anything from toys to towels.

Make the bathroom everyone’s bathroom

All you need to make the bathroom as accessible for the children as for everyone else is a sturdy step stool. It’s a small step that sets them up for giant leaps in learning healthy habits like toothbrushing and handwashing.