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A family football feast at home

One of the world’s biggest sporting events is upon us – the football World Cup. Take the chance to gather, watch and support your teams together. Or play a mini championship yourselves.
Living room with a tape-on-the-wall football goal, a patch of artificial grass, balls, seating and supporter paraphernalia.
Fill the stands to the last seat
Create the sense of watching on location with seating in stadium-like levels. But don’t just rely on TV action. Tape a goal on the wall, lay a patch of indoor grass – and you can cheer on a game that’s truly played live.
A pegboard used to keep World Cup watching essentials like first aid kit, medals, timer and playful penalty cards in place.
Snacks, prizes, first aid kit – and penalty cards
The level of involvement around sports is naturally individual. For you who go all-in, make sure to have all necessities organised. After all, the World Cup goes on for a full month. (And if you have to hand out the yellow card, use your heart.)
Stadium-styled food for (very) active supporters
Get into the spirit by serving food fit for a sports arena. A cutlery tray lets everything from popcorn to streamers follow along wherever you go.

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Made by

Interior designer: Chiara Effroi Lutteri
Photographer: Simon Fritzell
Writer: Henrik Annemark