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Make delicious new discoveries, save money and make your food last longer. We serve you our best tips on how to care for, use and reuse kitchen staples.
Kitchen worktop with various produce kept in hanging and standing containers, like KUNGSFORS nets and RISATORP baskets.

The hanging gardens of your kitchen

A combination of moisture and air is ideal for keeping produce fresh over time. This can be done by leaving a bowl of water on the sill and hang fruit and vegetables in naturally ventilated baskets and nets. Asparagus? Keep wrapped in a damp towel. Now everything is accessibly close to your cooking – and creates a beautiful display.

Recipes for preservation

Some kitchen companions deserve – and reward – a little extra attention. Like a skewer-made basket partition to keep the aubergines on top from bruising the ones underneath. Also, storing carrots in moist sand helps preserve their crisp freshness.
Refrigerator interior with various containers and boxes, some of which have numbered tags attached, on the shelves.

Save food with fridge reminders

Keeping track of expiration dates – solved! Dedicate part of your fridge for the things you feel (or read) need to be used soon. Besides working as food-saving reminders, the combining and grouping of shelf content may well inspire new dinner recipes.

From waste to taste

Peelings and scraps from vegetables are perfect to throw – in a pot. Add water, reduce in a light boil, strain and season with salt. You’ve just made a flavourful broth that can be used as a base in other dishes. (This works just as well with meat and seafood.) Use right away, or freeze as ice cubes to have handy for later.

The sinking-egg freshness test

Eggs often stay fresh well beyond the expiration date. If you’re unsure, here’s an easy test. Place the egg in water. If it rests on its side on the bottom, it’s good. If it sinks but stands up straight, use it soon (or hard-boiled). If it floats, discard it.
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