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2019 IKEA WhatsApp stickers

How to download WhatsApp stickers?
Android users step 1: Download WhatSticker app
1) Download 'WhatSticker' app
Android users step 2: Click and download stickers:
2) Click here and press 'Add to Android'
Android users step 3: Open with WhatsApp app
3) Open with WhatsApp app
Android users step 4: Press "Add To WhatsApp"
4) Press 'Add' to add the stickers
iPhone users step 1: Download「五色學倉頡Online」app
1)Download '五色學倉頡Online' app
iPhone users step 2: Click here and press 'Add to iPhone'
2) Click here and press 'Add to iPhone'
iPhone users step 3: Open「五色學倉頡Online」app
3) Open with '五色學倉頡Online' app
iPhone users step 4 :Click 'Save' to save the stickers
4) Click 'Save' to save the stickers
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