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Keep a Good Space For Your Beloved Kid’s Collections

Hesitate to throw away the childrens’ artworks and toys that carry special memories?

Keep a Good Space For Your Beloved Kid’s Collections

  • Baby’s first masterpiece

    Now lives among the dust bunnies in the drawer

  • Clay arts from school

    Pile up at a messy corner

  • Toys that have
    grown with my kids

    Some missing, all scattered around

Keep a Good Space For Your Beloved Kid’s Precious Collections

How to organize kids’s masterpieces and books?

Create a reading corner with the FLISAT Doll’s House that displays wonderful artworks and handmade cards!

FLISAT Doll’s House Your kid’s favourite books, creations and stationery will all have a place!

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Toys are missing?

Keep them in check with SAMLA transparent storage box that gives you a clear view.

Building blocks, Lego pieces and dolls… Now have their own homes that can be stacked to save space!

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Box with lid, 26x35x15 cm, white



4 Aug, 2022 - 5 Oct, 2022

or while supplies last


Storage box with lid, white



Box, 28x19x14 cm, 5l, transparent


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Doll’s house/wall shelf


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Wire basket with pull-out rail, white


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Trunk for toys, turquoise


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Storage box with lid, beige


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Basket with lid, yellow



Storage box, set of 3, beige


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Wall shelf


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