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Bothered by new home decoration?

IKEA offers you furniture and home furnishing accessories at low prices and good quality, which fit every corner of your home. We also have different room-settings in our stores that give you more home furnishing inspirations and ideas! Together with our one-stop service, decorate your new home is as easy as 1-2-3!
Purchase home furniture and accessories with Home Delivery service to designated estates^ to enjoy the following offers:
Enjoy additional Welcome Offer by using Home Planning Service at the same time! 
Purchase Enjoy
$8,000 10% off
$12,000# 12% off

# Maximum amount is $30,000.
^ Deliver to the designated estates to enjoy the offer. Not applicable to online shopping platform and Discovery Bay Close to you.
Terms and Condition ↓↓(Click here for details)
  • The offer is only applicable to orders placed and delivery service arranged for the designated estates. Once the order is confirmed, the delivery address cannot be changed. If the delivery address is changed to a non-designated estates, customers are required to make up for the discounted value. ​
  • The offer is only applicable to IKEA stores in Hong Kong and Macau, not applicable to online shopping platform and Discovery Bay Close to you.​
  • It excludes spending in IKEA Restaurant and Café, Swedish Food Market, IKEA Bistro, IKEA FiKET, all service charges, and purchases of non-IKEA kitchen appliances, display items, AS-IS items, IKEA Gift Cards and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional coupon offers. ​
  • If the minimum spending requirements are not met due to a refund or exchange requested by the customer, they are required to pay the price difference.​
  • IKEA reserves the right to vary or interpret the conditions of the promotion.  In the event of inconsistency between the English version and any other language translations, the English version shall prevail.  IKEA‘s decision is final in all matters relating to this offer.​
Offer is valid until 31 December, 2022
New Territories
  • 意峰
  • Silversands
  • 瓏珀山第1期
    St Michel Phase 1
  • 柏傲莊 I
    The Pavilia Farm I
  • 柏傲莊 II
    The Pavilia Farm II
  • 海茵莊園
    Manor Hill
  • Wetland Seasons Bay 1期
  • Wetland Seasons Bay 2期
  • Wetland Seasons Bay 3期
  • Wetland Seasons Park  III
  • 日出康城第7A期
  • 日出康城第7B期
    Grand Montara
  • 日出康城第8期
    Sea To Sky
  • 日出康城第9A期
  • 日出康城第9B期
    Grand Marini
  • 日出康城第9C期
    Ocean Marini
  • 日出康城第10期
    LOHAS Park Phase 10
  • 南嶼嵩林
    Mt. La Vie
  • 薈藍
    The Met. Azure
  • 明翹匯
    The Grand Marine
  • OMA by the Sea
  • 帝御.嵐天
    Skypoint Royale
  • 帝御.星濤
    Starfront Royale
  • 帝御.金灣
    Seacoast Royale
  • 裕雅苑
    Yu Nga Court
  • 山麗苑
    Shan Lai Court
  • 和田邨
    Wo Tin Estate
  • 皇后山邨
    Queen's Hill Estate
  • 菁田邨
    Ching Tin Estate
  • 荔景邨恒景樓
    Heng King House, Lai King Estate
  • Koko Hills
  • Koko Reserve
  • 128 Waterloo
  • Prince Central
  • St. George's Mansions
  • 芳菲
    Madera Garden
  • 曼翹
  • Monaco 第1期
    Monaco One
  • Monaco 第2期
    Grande Monaco
  • The Henley 1期
  • The Henley 2期
  • The Henley 3期
  • 利.晴灣23
    L.Living 23
  • 恆大.睿峰
    The Vertex
  • 尚.珒溋
    Upper Riverbank
  • 利奧坊.曦岸
    Aquila.Square Mile
  • AVA 228
  • 嘉峯匯
  • 傲寓
  • 弦雅
    The Concert
  • 海達邨海盛樓 Hoi Shing House, Hoi Tat Estate
Hong Kong Island
  • 逸南
    The Upper South
  • 晉環
  • Central Peak II
  • 尚瓏
    The Queens
  • 42 Tung St.
  • 15 Western Street
  • The Richmond
  • 藝里坊.2號
  • 御金峰
    Grand Oasis
  • 擎天匯
    Praia Park
  • 信譽名門
    Trust Legend
  • 海上居
    La Marina
  • 銆海灣
    Yoho Co-Tai Marina Bay
  • 美泰庭園
    Noble Garden
  • 柏傲峯
    Mount Park
  • 星河灣名門世家
    Star River. Windsor Arch
  • 濠尚
    Nova Grand
  • 金峰.名匯
    Sky Oasis By Yoo
  • 星玥
    Oscar Crescent
Be inspired by these ideas, see how you can create a space-efficient arrangement that’s relaxing and enjoyable for all.

Living room

Side table on castors
$ 399
Bookcase with panel/glass doors
$ 1,059
Two-seat sofa
$ 2,990
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Upholstered bed frame
$ 1,990
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