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Dining chair ideas that let you create an inclusive table

ikea dining chair
People come in different sizes and have different seating needs. So why force everyone to sit on the same type of chair? Combining different types of chairs will make sure everyone’s base is covered, and create a space where they can dine, work and play comfortably for hours.

For the in-between kids

Everyone deserves to sit comfortably regardless of how tall they happen to be. A junior chair is perfect for that awkward stage when a high chair’s too high and a dining chair’s too low.

The more the merrier

Foldable chairs are great when you need extra seating and can be “put away” on the wall when not in use.

A chair to suit everyone

Once upon a time the rule was that all the chairs around the dining table needed to match. But rules are made to be broken, right? People aren’t the same, so it stands to reason that their dining chairs shouldn’t be.

A new spin on dining

A swivel chair will let dinner guests move around a bit without leaving the table. Great for those with ants in their pants who have trouble sitting still for long periods.

Sit a little longer

Everybody is different because every body is different. This means that a conventional dining chair might not suit everyone. So why not add an armchair for those who need a little more comfort? After all, a table where the chairs suit the guests is a more social table, because people can enjoy each other’s company longer.


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