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Get set for more guests with these extendable dining table ideas

ikea extendable table

When it comes to dining it really is the more the merrier. But if you’re stuck for space, bigger get-togethers can be a problem. The solution? A table that extends when you need it and shrinks when you don’t. Here are few ways to create an extendable dining table that you might not have thought of.

When two – or more – tables are better than one

An extendable table doesn’t have to be a single table with a fold-out or insert. Another way to create a bigger dining table is to buy two tables and put them together. If you choose a series of tables that come in several sizes you can use the larger one as your everyday dining table, and keep the smaller one as your reserve. And why stop at two? Three tables will make your dining table even more flexible.

A table with two jobs

But what do you do with your extra table(s) when they’re not needed in the dining area? Put them to work somewhere else of course. When this table is not helping out as a dining table extension, it’s put against the wall where it serves a workspace. And those extra chairs? Just stack them alongside.

Open up for socialising

When this drop leaf table is folded out, it provides plenty of room for four people. Great for meals, board games or any other social activity that needs a table.

A more considerate table

When space is at a premium, the last thing you need is a big piece of furniture taking up space, especially when they’re not being used. A drop leaf table like this only takes up the space you actually need. If it’s just you using it, fold it down. And when you have company, fold it out.

Bring in the back up

When the dinner guest list is longer than usual, you’re going to need a bigger table. A drop leaf or gateleg table can add that extra elbow room when required and can be put somewhere else when it’s not.

On the reserve bench, but always ready to take the field

A gateleg table like this can play two roles: folded against a wall – where it’s not just warming the bench, but doubling as a slim sideboard – or as a useful extension to your dining table.

Gateleg table, 26/89/152x80x74 cm, white



Glass-door cabinet, white


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Cabinet with bi-folding doors, white



Junior chair, white



Rug, low pile, 133x195 cm, light blue


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Curtains, 1 pair, white



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Work/wall lamp, white


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Mirror, 48x60 cm



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Pendant lamp


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Lamp shade, light grey


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Vase, clear glass


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Folding chair, white/knisa light grey


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Kitchen trolley, stainless steel


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Room darkening curtains, 1 pair, blue


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Rug, flatwoven, 75x150 cm, zigzag pattern beige



14 Jul, 2022 - 7 Sep, 2022

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Swivel chair, idekulla beige



4 Aug, 2022 - 5 Oct, 2022

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