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How to get a more professional kitchen at home

A well-designed, thought-out kitchen will make life easier and cooking more satisfying. Having the right gear – and having it right where you need it – lets your creativity flow.

Tap into extra rinsing power

Why choose a tap when you can have a multi-function cleaning powerhouse instead? A tap with a handspray will make rinsing and cleaning easier. And what’s more, you’ll feel like a pro when doing it.

A series that works with you

Wall-mounted storage gives you an immediate overview and easy access to your kitchen items. And choosing a kitchen storage series instead of individual shelves will give you more options. Put together any combination of rails, wall grids, hooks and shelves and create the storage that suits you and your kitchen.

A glove made of tougher stuff

It’s often hard to remove baking dishes from the oven without dipping the tip of your oven glove in the stuff you're cooking. This means the fabric can get a bit soggy and smelly. A silicone oven glove on the other hand, won’t soak up the sauce and can be rinsed off. And if it does ever need a more thorough wash, you can just pop it in the dishwasher.

Hands-free help

When you’re running a tight ship, you don’t want things lying around clogging things up. A pedal bin provides immediate, hygienic waste disposal while a trolley lets you store things and then get them out of the way.

See what you’re doing

When it comes to working in the kitchen, it’s better for everybody if you can actually see what you’re doing. Integrated lighting over your work areas will make food prep safer and will help make sure you don’t put salt on your cereal.

A place for everything

Drawers are great for kitchen storage, but they can get a bit chaotic. “Out of sight out of mind” is fine, until you actually have something in mind and can’t find it. Smart drawer organisers will make sure everything has a designated place to go when it’s not being used. And because they can be adjusted they adapt to your storage needs. Add some integrated lighting and you’ll never not find what you need.

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