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gaming collection

Game on!

At IKEA we have experience of life at home, but we’re beginners in the gaming world. To better understand what everyday life is like for devoted PC gamers, we teamed up with Republic of Gamers to offer the new gaming collection. The cooperation resulted in ergonomic and comfortable solutions that improve the precision when you play and have smart storage for all your gaming hardware and accessories. Products that go well with the furniture you already have at home and can help you to more victories.

Sit comfortably to have fun!

Our gaming chairs are powerful, ergonomically designed, and durable, which can help you improve your gaming record and win even better performance. They are also very beautiful and can be harmoniously matched with other furniture in your home. Let's start the game!

Choose a good gaming desk for better performance!

High-performance games require high-performance gaming desks. Our game table not only can accommodate 2 to 3 monitors and your other equipment, but also height adjustable. Now it's time to upgrade your gaming experience.

Powerful storage, properly store your equipment

Players generally have a lot of electronic equipment and cables, and it will be a mess if you don't organize them. UPPSPEL drawer unit on castors is a perfect side-kick that takes care of your gear so you can focus on what’s important – winning games.

Small accessories, big difference

Your desk belongs to your private space and should be arranged as you wish! We provide a variety of accessories for players to choose from- the accessories stand can help you quickly pick up the headset to enter the “battle” at the beginning of the game; the neck pillow also provides a comfortable support that helps you relax between games.