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Baby toys

Why choose IKEA toys?

Toys that IKEA sells in worldwide meet the strictes standards for EN-71 and ASTM-F963: Stable - A toy designed for riding must be stable enough so that it can't be unexpectedly tipped over. Flame-resistant - If ignited, the toy shouldn't burst into flames.Won't jam or get stuck. Ventilated. No sharp edges, no small parts and Non-toxic.

No harmful chemicals added in production

There’s no chemical substance and small parts in IKEA toys to prevent children swallowing and suffocating because of curiosity. The soft toy has been tested for pull and metal detection, it’s machine washable to often keep fresh and healthy.

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New wooden toys join the play party

Inspired by Scandinavian forests, these toys take small children on journeys of imagination – developing fine and gross motor skills on the way. Parents will love that they are designed to last – made from durable materials like wood, they’ll be there for siblings, friends’ children, and the next generation.

Baby gyms and play mats for giggles and growth

IKEA toys like these are designed to help your baby develop things like their eyesight, motor skills and more. And give them lots of fun, of course.

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