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Sleep cooler

Get your own bedlinen from our cool range

Freeing you from sweating and insomnia
Cooling Gel — Gives you a cool, soothing sleep surface. This means you sleep comfortably all night without waking up feeling hot and clammy in Summer.

Pillow case content viscose pluses with the gel and memory foam - You may enjoy the coolest and most comfortable night.

Ergonomic pillow made of memory foam topped with a gel layer - gives you a cool, soothing sleep surface.

Stay dry and comfortable all night long, and enjoy a restful sleep

Nylon and viscose fiber — With special waving technique, can absorb the moisture and maintains an even temperature. A good sleep night is ready for you.
Lyocell — Can help you enjoy a comfortable sleeping temperature during the night because lyocell absorbs and transports moisture away from your body.

Pamper your body, from head to toe, with the care you deserve

Cotton and viscose fiber blended — After the breathable and skin-friendly cotton and yoke material are blended, it has the functions of comfort and moisture absorption and heat dissipation at the same time, give a pleasant sleeping climate with an even temperature.

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