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Food containers

Goodbye Waste, Hello Delicious

Did you know?

Roughly a third of the food produced for human consumption worldwide every year gets lost or wasted.

Global household food waste alone is 74 kg/ per person per year, causing about 10% of global carbon emissions.

One way to reduce our climate impact is by minimising waste. There are many ways to do this. Reduce food waste, start now!

Your Wallet and Our Environment will Both Thank You

Here are some simple ways to save resources in the kitchen:


1. Turn Yesterday's Leftovers into Today's Lunch

IKEA 365+ glassware containers are freezer, fridge and oven-safe. One container for every stage of storing and cooking also means less dishes and fewer runs for your dishwasher.
Plan meals ahead. Plan, shop, cook and prep for the whole week. You’ll save time and electricity by batch cooking and storing.

2. Store Your Foods Wisely in Refrigerator

The IKEA 365+ food storage box fits just right in your fridge. The transparent box body lets you see what remaining ingredients you have at a glance, which helps reduce waste caused by over-consumption.
Choose containers instead of plastic wrap. Food stays fresher for longer in a container compared to plastic wrap or foil. Small changes can bring big differences.

3. These Nifty Bags Keep Food Fresh and Packed with Flavour

The best-selling IKEA ISTAD food storage bag has the double-layer zipper design, which has better insulation and can preserve food longer.

So, you already have other plans for dinner, when you spot those past-their-prime veggies in the bottom fridge drawer. What to do, what to do?

It’s simple: don’t bin them. Instead, chop them up, put them in a resealable bag and freeze them. Their texture will change slightly after thawing, but they’ll still be great for sauces, soups, stews and even smoothies. And just as nutritious, too.
The ISTAD can be used to keep fruit and vegetables in the freezer. It's also perfect to put your snacks in when you go to work, school or on a picnic.
One cook’s trash is another cook’s treasure. Simply place the vegetable’s rooted base into ISTAD bag with water, and watch it grow back right before your eyes.

4. Make Food Go Further

Don’t bin excess fruit and vegetables, preserve it. Try making jams, pickles and chutneys. IKEA has a range of glass preserving jars to get you started.

5. Long-term Storage for Dry Foods

Store dry cereals, instant drink powder, or rice in food conatiners jars to avoid moisture. Our food containers keep a moisture barrier for dry goods, to help you preserve them longer.

One billion more sustainable bags

ISTAD is made of a renewable material from the sugar cane industry. And, you can recycle them, too. This is one way we're working towards our long-term goal of ensuring all plastic IKEA products are made with recycled or renewable material.

food container with lid, glass, 0.5 l



food container with lid, set of 3, glass

$49.9 / 3 pieces

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seal and pour bag clip, white

$14.9 / 1 pieces

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food container with lid, rectangular glass/plastic, 1000 ml



sealing clip, set of 30, mixed colours/mixed sizes



food container with lid, square/glass, 180 ml

$39.9 / 3 pieces


Less waste, more taste!

By using IKEA 365+ containers and aroma-tight seals you can save food and keep it fresh for days.

Get a hand with the dishes

Washing the dishes can be a family effort when you’re teamed up with our practical dish-washing accessories. Drying racks, cutlery stands and colorful brushes help make your everyday chore go a little quicker and smoother.

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bowl with lid, set of 5, mixed colours



tin with lid, set of 3, multicolour



food container, square/glass, 1.2 l


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food container, large rectangular/plastic, 10.6 l


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food container with lid, square glass/bamboo, 1.2 l


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food container with lid, rectangular/glass plastic



food container with lid, rectangular stainless steel/silicone


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dry food jar with lid, transparent/white, 1.3 l



food container, round/glass, 600 ml


0 (0)

food container, rectangular/glass, 1.0 l


0 (0)

lid, rectangular/silicone



lid, round/glass


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food container, square/plastic, 750 ml

$39.9 / 3 pieces


food container with lid, round glass/bamboo


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food container with lid, round/plastic, 450 ml


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food container with lid, round/plastic, 750 ml