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How to keep your bedroom clean and fresh

For your bedroom to be the comfortable space you want it to be, it’s important with easy ways to keep things clean and fresh. Not least because it helps you get a healthier sleep. Here are a few tips for your freshness routine and how to fight stale air, dust, mites, dirt and germs.

What to do and how often

With the right routine in place, keeping a clean and fresh bedroom only takes a few minutes now and then. Here’s a suggestion.

  • Daily: Leave the bed unmade occasionally and use an air purifier
  • Weekly: Wash your bed linen, vacuum and shake out the rug
  • Monthly: Wash the mattress protector and air out your duvet
  • Every 6 months: Flip the top mattress and change seasonal duvets

Have you thought about air quality?

An air purifier helps improve the air quality in your bedroom. It’s a good idea both for a city apartment where you avoid opening windows due to air pollution – as well as in greener surroundings where pollen levels can be a problem.

Easy keeping the floor clean

Longer bed legs facilitate vacuuming and wiping under the bed, which makes it happen more often. A bedside rug to wipe your feet on is also a good idea to avoid drawing dirt into bed. Just take it out for a shake now and then.

An unmade bed kills off mites

Dust mites thrive in warm, moist environments. So, leave the bed unmade for a few hours after getting up. This speeds up the evaporation of moisture from the bedding, which dehydrates the mites and eventually kills them.

“A mattress protector isn’t just a welcome relief in case there’s an accident in bed, it also helps prolong the life of your mattress.”

Karin Németh
Interior Designer
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