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How to enjoy a healthier home

How to enjoy a healthier home

A more sustainable life is about your personal health and wellbeing as much as it is about the protection of the environment. Decent air quality, adequate physical activity and good sleep are some of the crucial factors that you should think about if you want to look after yourself properly.

Make a move to stay in shape

An adult should aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity, physical activity each week. A range of mental and bodily health problems can result from the lack of enough movement.

Of course, many people have desk-based jobs and the gym isn’t always an option. But there are ergonomic products for the home or office that can help.

The LIDKULLEN active sit/stand support is a case in point. A special mechanism helps to keep your body in constant motion while you work. Used consistently, this adjustable stool can actually strengthen your muscles and spine – and give you a naturally healthy posture. So, you can keep moving, even when you can’t go anywhere.

A good night’s sleep for a better tomorrow

Experts advise that adults need 7-9 hours of sleep each night for good physical and mental wellbeing. Children usually require an hour or two more for their growth and development.

Often, lifestyle or environmental factors can interfere with the amount or the quality of sleep that you get. Finding ways to manage stress and to achieve a better work-life balance can be vital.

In your bedroom the light, comfort, sound, air quality and temperature all need to be at the right levels to encourage a good night’s sleep.

Is your mattress too firm – or too soft? Have you considered an ergonomic pilow? Perhaps blackout curtains and dimmable lighting can help you to wind down more easily. A rug or two might dampen unwanted sounds, while some green plants can cheer up the room.

Thinking about the most comfortable environment for sleep can pay dividends for your health.