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IKEA Facts and Figures 2018


Many companies, organisations and people – together – shape IKEA. Each and every person, idea and solution contributes to the big picture. Here is a selection of facts and figures that give a glimpse of the IKEA year that passed.

Shared passions: The key to success

In 2018, the IKEA retail business generated 38.8 billion Euros in sales. Much of this comes down to great collaborations with others, who inspired and challenged us to create an even better product range.

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IKEA retail sales*:


billion Euros
excluding consumption tax.

*Including sales of services to customers, excluding sales taxes.

IKEA co-workers worldwide:


Opening doors to diversity

When recruitment started at the first IKEA store in India, only 20% of applicants were women. We saw this challenge as a great opportunity: not only to be part of the ongoing transformation of Indian life, but also to help empower women in the workforce.

>> Follow the inspiring story of two new IKEA co-workers at the Hyderabad store

We’re all in this together

With our size and setup, we can make a great contribution towards a positive environmental impact. We want to enable and inspire as many people as possible to join in the effort!

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Expansion is more than just numbers


NEW IKEA stores in 2018

422 IKEA stores in more than 50 markets

We’ve always been clear about our vision to create a better everyday life for the many people. Of course, our job will never be done – but with 19 new IKEA stores in 2018, we’re definitely a few steps closer.

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One of two new inner-city IKEA stores in Madrid

Fit for a city slicker

Even with almost 1 billion store visits this year, we know that getting to an IKEA store isn’t always easy. That’s why we’re introducing new shopping experiences, such as compact inner-city stores and pop-ups, that better meet the needs of our increasingly urban customers.


billion IKEA web visits


million IKEA store visits

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