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IKEA Facts and Figures 2018


During financial year 2018 (Sep 2017 - Aug 2018), IKEA reached 38.8 billion Euros in retail sales (including sales of services to customers, excluding sales taxes).

Being humble is a serious business

We’re collaborating with creative thinkers to solve urgent and future problems in order to create a better everyday life for the many people. Together with designers, brands, artisans, students and many more, we’ll dare to explore new possibilities and tackle new challenges.

“It’s about being open to learn from others, and pushing our boundaries in unfamiliar ways,” says Peter van der Poel, Manager IKEA Range & Supply and Managing Director for IKEA of Sweden.

Inviting more play into your every day


Play makes the home – and the world – a better place

Both LEGO and IKEA are two brands that share a passion for play. But together, we want to challenge the idea that play is messy – in a creative, humanistic and playful way.
We know that adults and children approach things very differently and organising is no exception. So, our goal is to convince parents that “mess” is part of the play. We want to inspire families to play together. Or alone. But to continue the play.

According to our latest Play Report, 47% of kids want more playtime with their parents.
At the same time, 90% of the parents said play is essential to wellbeing and happiness.

>> Learn more about the findings from the latest Play Report

Adidas & IKEA: 
What we can learn from each other


Our goal is to make sport accessible to everyone. Working with the IKEA brand, we’ll explore what role the home can play in removing barriers to fitness.

Two brands with a passion for an active and healthy life are about to embark on an exciting journey. Adidas has always believed in changing people’s lives through the power of sport, and the essence of IKEA has always been about improving everyday life for the many.

Our exciting challenge is to merge the two worlds and explore wellness at home... together. We aim to improve our understanding of how people share their time between exercising, sleeping and eating at home. It’s about making fitness work as a part of our daily routines – all with a special focus on young women.

How can we make it easier for people to have an active lifestyle? Stay tuned to find out.

A peek inside 3 cool collaborations


Creating a perfectly imperfect collection

The beauty of handmade products lies in small imperfections. So our challenge with INDUSTRIELL was making and mass producing a product with that same unique handmade feeling, and making it available to everyone. We paired up with Dutch designer Piet Hein Eik, and discovered new ways to work with wood, glass, ceramics and textiles.

A collaboration that pushed our limits. And it was worth it.

We believe in pushing our own ideas in order to learn – and create a better every day life. Together with LA-based fashion designer Chris Stamp, we created the one-time SPÄNST collection geared toward the younger consumer living an active, urban lifestyle, with everything from storage pieces to the first IKEA skateboard.

Co-creation for a better everyday life

INNEHÅLLSRIK is the 7th limited-edition collection created together with skilled female artisans in India. We launched the collection with International Women’s Day to celebrate the empowered women creating it. It was the perfect moment to highlight what we’re doing to help close the gender gap in different ways. Together, we also developed a series of unique tutorials where everyone can learn handcrafts too.

What’s next?

There are many more exciting collaborations in the works

Little sun, Virgil Abloh, UNYQ and AREA ACADEMY, Saint Heron, and Sonos.

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