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Workplace & Benefits

Why work with us? Because a job with us is so much more than a job.

As a large and passionate team, IKEA is dedicated to creating a positive impact for the many people around the world. Come work with us and you’ll be part of a team that values you for who you are. And where we all grow together.

211,000 heads are 210,999 times better than 1.

At IKEA, we share a common vision and set of values, as well as an open work culture. where anyone can chip in an idea or bring their unique talent or experience to work. And there's so much more to how we do it. We look out for each other, engage in discussions to enhance work efficiency. We don't just settle for the way things are. We question them, and even rebel against them for the better. So, we're always looking for people who think differently.

Grab a coffee, figure things out together

You can get a lot done over a simple cup of coffee, a chat in the aisle or other quick get togethers.

*Fika is a slang of ‘kaffi’, an old Swedish word for coffee.

All across Sweden for centuries, and at IKEA locations worldwide for over 70 years, Fika has been a traditional time to take a break and talk. Grab a Fika together and see what happens.You can always sit down for a ‘Fika’ together – a traditional Swedish coffee break in the day where you can pause, reflect and reconnect. You’ll find it’s also a chance to get things done quickly and simply – without booking a conference room, drawing up an agenda or creating a slide presentation. Why not just get together with co-workers and figure things out?

Keeping things simple

Embracing with simplicity, you’ll see this same unfussy informality approach at every IKEA location worldwide. You’re encouraged to find simple ways to do everything. Complicated solutions can often be expensive or timeconsuming, and IKEA was born in the rugged Swedish countryside where a down-to-earth, common-sense attitude became part of our culture. That’s why you’re on first-name terms with everyone else, dress is casual, you share open offices, and you’re free to talk with any co-worker no matter your role or their title. Coming together for a ten-minute discussion may be more effective in solving problems than a lengthy report or a prolonged meeting. You’ll find a lot of problem-solving happens during impromptu moments. Spend a few minutes together, share your thoughts, come up with ideas and actively listen to others.

The voice of employees makes IKEA better

At IKEA, we recognize that our employees are the heart and soul of our organization. That's why we place great importance on listening to their thoughts, ideas, and feedback. We believe that by valuing their voices, we can continuously improve and grow as a company. Every year, we conduct an employee engagement survey to hear what the coworkers feel about IKEA. The survey covers various aspects, including core values, job content, career development, work environment, leadership culture, and colleague relationships. It is conducted anonymously to collect employees' opinions about the company. We take their valuable input seriously and implement concrete improvement measures to create a better working environment. We truly believe that by embracing the valuable insights of our employees, IKEA will continue to grow together.

The diverse work environment at IKEA

Respecting employee uniqueness fosters creativity and supports growth. We strive to cultivate a diverse and inclusive workplace where co-workers feel valued, their diversity is recognized, and they can fully express themselves. At IKEA, you can always be your authentic self. We celebrate diversity and embrace individuality, creating an environment where everyone can thrive and make a difference.

Growing together

A place where everyone plays their part

The contribution of every single IKEA co-worker is valued. When the going gets tough, we “kraftsamlar”. That’s the Swedish word for pulling together. We don’t care about titles or status. At IKEA, everyone is known by their first name and is encouraged to speak up.

We’re all-in on equality, diversity and inclusion

For us it’s a no-brainer. A diverse, inclusive and gender equal workplace is a better workplace. We now have a 50/50 gender balance in our management positions and are working towards making this a reality throughout our business in other countries.

We want you to take a job you don’t know how to do

At IKEA, your qualifications and experience won’t limit what you can achieve. If you take the leadership role, we’ll give you all the training and support you need to take your career in any direction you like. Globally speaking, 88% of IKEA managers have been promoted from within the organization.

Want to help millions of people create better lives at home?

Now more than ever, home is the most important place in the world. And we're always looking for people who share our desire to make that place a little safer, more comfortable and more beautiful. So why not join us in improving the many people's lives around the world ?


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