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Keep a Good Space for Your Beloved One

How to maximise the limited shared space?

Keep a Good Space for Your Beloved One

  • Where are my stuff?

    When space is limited, it’s easy to lose track of your own things.

  • I want my space too!

    The desk, shelves, and of course the wardrobe, belong to her.

  • My video games are homeless

    I want to give them a nice place to stay.

Keep a Good Space for Your Beloved One

Your shelves, her shelves

JONAXEL smart storage solution separate your stuff from hers. Now your video games have their own spot.

JONAXEL series offer combination possibilities1. With castors they are easy to be moved around.2. They can even fit in the tiniest space.

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Store well and keep them well

Available in two colours,the STORSTABBE boxes with compartments bring orderto your belts, ties and socks.

STORSTABBE offers different heights and sizes.A perfect match for your shelves, wardrobe orspace under your bed.

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basket, seagrass


0 (0)

box, black

$45.9 / 1 pieces





mesh basket, white


0 (0)

shelving unit, white



box with compartments, white



storage box with lid, white



frame, white


0 (0)

frame, white


0 (0)

mesh basket, white


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magazine file, 10x25x30 cm, white

$44.9 / 2 pieces


bed frame with 2 drawers, white/Fonnes, double (mattress size: 140x200cm)


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box, white


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