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We take childish behaviour seriously

Living with small children is fun, exciting and absolutely wonderful. But, let’s be honest, it can be quite tough too. We want to contribute to a smoother everyday for both newcomers at the dinner table and the ones who love them the most. So, we asked parents from different walks of life with different needs to help us out. The result? Children’s tableware for all kinds of families but especially for growing, curious, lovely (and sometimes messy) children.

No harmful chemicals added in production

There’s no toxic heavy metals adding in production of all baby and children products, we don’t use bisphenol A and DEHP to insist zero tolerance standard for health and safety risk.

“When the family is extended with a small child that needs unconditional help and love – who supports the parents? With KANONKUL I wanted to create safe children’s tableware that can be appreciated by all ages, even grownups. The series is not only developed to be easy to use, keep clean and bring with you, but also to help develop the child’s motor skills. I believe that a happy child makes happy parents, and I think it goes the other way around as well.”
Designer Willy Chong


Stainless Steel
a material that stays forever young

The inner layer in stainless steel retains the desired beverage temperature for a long time – warm or cool. The bottom of the mug has an extra-wide base to add stability and prevent it from tipping over.

Little bear ears
Childlike and useful design

A generous handle to hold makes it easier for your child to transition from a baby mug with two handles to this mug for slightly older children.

Soft silicone for friendly tableware

Anti-slip silicone means that the placemat will lie still on the table and that everything you put on it stands firm. The soft silicone can be folded or rolled up, so you can take the placemat with you or easily store it. You can use the loop to hang the placemat for drying, or keep it rolled up when storing it or bringing it on trips.

Good plastic for delicate users

The bottom of the plate is raised in the middle so that food moves towards the rounded, high edges – everything to make it easier for your child to eat food from the plate. The little bear ears are not only cute, but are also stable handles that parents or children can hold.

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