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POÄNG series

A gently swaying classic

Staying popular is hard. Understandably, seeing POÄNG retain its appeal for over forty years makes us proud. Then again, it’s one great chair. Bentwood makes it strong and flexible without excess bulk. Also available as rocking chair, every POÄNG follows the contours of your body to offer exceptional comfort. And that soft bounce that turns you into a POÄNG fan the moment you sit down.

“A chair shouldn’t be a tool that binds and holds the sitter. It should rather be a tool that provides us with an emotional richness and creates an image where we let off stress.”
Designer of POÄNG, Noboru Nakamura

Removable, washable covers

Choice of cover

Available in leather

How to choose POÄNG

1. Choose frame (armchair/rocking chair). The frames come in different types of finishes.
2. Choose cushion. The cushions come with covers in different materials and colours. Combine the way you want with frame.
3. For extra comfort: complete with a matching footstool.

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Polyester can be recycled multiple times, reducing our environmental footprint. All these products meet the same quality and safety demands as we have on all our products. By using min. 90% recycled polyester in this product, we consume less new raw materials and lower our environmental impact while existing materials get new life.