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Put it into SAMMANHANG

The time has come to appreciate and celebrate your stuff. Perhaps it sounds obvious, right? But the reality is that many of us feel pressured to have less, even when it’s “the more” that holds an emotional value. Let’s be real: our things are sources of pride, identity and in some cases; history. That’s what SAMMANHANG is here to celebrate.

With a variety of open and closed units for embracing and displaying your belongings, the SAMMANHANG collection is not here to judge you for loving to collect stuff, nor is it here to steal the spotlight from your collection. It’s here to make it look better - to celebrate your personal process of collecting.

For those who collect…

What’s a frame without its work of art? Similarly, SAMMANHANG is nothing without your most prized possessions. The word, “sammanhang” actually means “context” in Swedish. So, what it’s really all about is context; placing your collection into context.

Are you a watch collector? Or maybe someone who loves to put their hobby front and centre stage? What about all those nail polish bottles? A total of seven designers have been inspired by everything from still lifes to glass and its reflective properties to create the perfect stage for your stuff.

So, regardless of what you collect, put it into SAMMANHANG.

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