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SKÅDIS pegboard series


Storage throughout the home

Regardless of where you need storage in the home, and no matter what you plan to store, SKÅDIS storage series can help. Use SKÅDIS in the bathroom for toothbrushes and skin care products. Or in the kitchen to have utensils and spices close at hand. Only your imagination sets the limits of what SKÅDIS can be used for.

Depending on where and how you intend to use your SKÅDIS, you can choose to attach it in three different ways.
1. On the wall.
Use the included wall rail when you buy SKÅDIS pegboard. Remember to buy screws to secure the rail to the wall. Select screws suitable for the wall you plan to attach SKÅDIS to.
2. To a desk or on a shelf.
If you don’t want screws in your walls, you can attach SKÅDIS to a desk. You can also attach it on a shelf so that it stands up or hangs down. Regardless what you choose, you can use SKÅDIS connector.
3. On the side of a wardrobe.
You can also hang your SKÅDIS peg board on the side of PLATSA wardrobe or any wardrobe with a flat top (screws are excluded) using SKÅDIS connectors for wardrobes. If you would like to hang more than one pegboard, to create a vertical storage solution, add SKÅDIS connector for pegboard to keep the boards together.

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Choose the SKÅDIS accessories which suit your needs

SKÅDIS shelf - The high edge keeps your things in place. SKÅDIS container with lid - Benefit from the transparent design of boxes, you can quickly and easily find what you need. All accessories are easy to attach and move ‒ no tools needed.

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