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VARMBLIXT collection

When light comes to life.

In collaboration with award-winning Dutch-New Zealand designer Sabine Marcelis, the new VARMBLIXT collection explores the emotional effects of light at home. The statement lighting products and accessories will bring a sense of warmth and positivity into your home.

“I’m fascinated by light. I love that it’s ever-changing and that it can activate objects, bringing a dynamic quality to static things.”

Sabine Marcelis

The wonder of light

A sculptural object when turned off, the VARMBLIXT pendant lamp transforms into a magical piece of light engineering when switched on.

An inspiring collaboration

The VARMBLIXT products showcase Sabine’s unique design language, characterised by an intuitive understanding of light and colour, alongside the design principles of IKEA. The collection can be used creatively throughout the home.

“We are playing with different elements of light – the temperature, colour, indirect light and reflections – which amplify the emotional atmosphere.”

Anna Granath
IKEA Product Design Manager

Delight in doughnuts

The ‘doughnut’ is one of Sabine Marcelis’ signature shapes and features in two different forms in the VARMBLIXT collection – as a striking glass bowl in two sizes and as a wall/table lamp.

For magic moments

The collection includes this elegant glass cocktail set, consisting of a tray with metal handles, carafe, champagne coupe, glass and drinks stirrers. When they catch the light, the objects create dreamy reflections.

The full spectrum

These accessories explore the beauty of light in various ways – how natural light interacts with glass or the hues of a sunset reinterpreted in wool.

“This collection is about creating products that inject a sense of warmth and positivity into the home.”

Sabine Marcelis

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