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Guides to sustainable living

To live in a healthy, environmentally-friendly way

It is easier and more affordable than ever. These guides offer practical ideas that can make you home more sustainable - both to save you money and to help preserve precious resources.

How to choose more sustainable materials

The ambition is that, by 2030, all materials in IKEA products will be renewable or recycled. Even today, it’s easier than ever to find affordable, high quality home furnishings that are more sustainable. In fact, 60% of the IKEA product range already uses renewable materials.

How to choose furniture that lives longer

By 2030, the potential to repurpose, repair, reuse, resell or recycle will be built-in to every IKEA product. Of course, even today, there’s usually an easy and satisfying way to prolong the life of your furniture – rather than send it to the scrapheap.


How to eat more sustainably

Food plays a major role in human health – and has a huge impact on the environment from its production, processing and disposal. With more plant-based choices that are tasty, affordable and wholesome, you can easily eat your way to a lower carbon footprint.

How to save energy and water at home

Every day, a home might waste many litres of fresh water – and let energy fly out of the window. But there’s no need to flush your money down the drain. You can look at your household habits in a different way to both cut your utility bills and to reduce the strain on precious resources.

How to enjoy a healthier home

Lack of sleep and not enough exercise are health challenges that many people face today. Happily, there are simple solutions that can encourage better wellbeing at home.

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