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2022 IKEA Light Up Hope

The disadvantaged families facing new challenges under climate change

With global climate change and frequent occurrences of climate disasters, disadvantaged families are the first to be affected. However, it is not easy for disadvantaged families to replace old and high energy-consumption appliances, which increases global energy consumption and the greenhouse effect, causing the climate system to warm.

IKEA Light Up Hope

IKEA and A Plastic Ocean Foundation co-organize the ‘Light Up Hope’ programme to help disadvantaged families in Hak Pak Nai to improve living conditions, such as replacing old appliances with energy-efficient appliances and conducting electrical safety inspections. Meanwhile, we provide them with environmental education and knowledge of disaster prevention. We aim to end energy poverty and protect the planet.

Improving the living environment

We conduct electrical safety inspection and repair high-energy-consuming appliances to improve their living environment and lower energy consumption.

Providing climate disaster education

We deliver updates on disaster prevention and evacuation plan and distribute risk prevention kits particularly on storm surge and flooding to strengthen their ability to cope with climate disasters.

Preventing climate disasters

We organize beach cleaning to reduce the impact caused by marine litter during inclement weather. We will also sponsor “Project Prosperity” (富竹計劃), which plants bamboo in Ha Pak Nai to reduce soil erosion.

Building a volunteer team

We recruit and build a volunteer team that visits the Most Affected People and Areas regularly and conduct disaster prevention education to reduce losses caused by extreme weather.

Organizing guided tours, talks and workshops

We raise public awareness about climate vulnerability and strengthen public understanding of climate resilience through guided tours, talks and workshops.

Daily lives of Ha Pak Nai residents

Living condition for Ha Pak Nai residents is poor. At night, children need to study under insufficient lighting. IKEA light-up hope programme provides residents energy-efficient appliances to create a better living environment to children.

Come to support “IKEA Light Up Hope”

Your donation will light up lives and hopes, create bright future.



Saving energy together with us

Changing to LED bulbs is an easy first step for a sustainable life.

Lighting is a vital part of every household, making our home safe, warm and comfortable. With close to 25% of the world’s energy consumption being used for lighting, IKEA aims to enable a more sustainable lifestyle by saving energy without sacrificing convenience. While slightly more expensive than traditional incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs last much longer and use considerably less electricity, which makes LED bulbs excellent value for its worth. Understanding these benefits, IKEA is committed to develop more good-looking,well-designed and unique LED lights, while keeping them affordable.

A LED bulb that consumes approximately 85% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and lasts up to 20 years.

When it comes to sustainable living,
there is more we can do...

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