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TABBERAS collection

A playful collection for grown-ups​

The new and eclectic TABBERAS collection is designed to maximise the family time in the kitchen. Who could resist the oven glove that changes colour based on temperature, the bold and colourful textiles or the beeswax wraps that mould around food by the warmth of your hands?​

Create Delicious Dishes and Welcome Family Home​

Home is like a safe harbor, and we hope you feel cared for and safe when you return home. When the kitchen becomes the center of creativity for family and friends, it creates infinite care and emotions.​

Live a More Lagom Life​

Lagom means "just the right amount" in Swedish. The TABBERAS series helps you live a sustainable life and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Leftover dinner can be turned into new dishes, dried herbs or fruits can be made into bars, and residue from juicing can be made into cookies. Everything can be used.​

Enjoy Cooking with Children​

We understand that parents value the time they spend with their children and want to turn their home into a creative space. On weekends, try making seasonal foods and turn every ingredient into delicious meals. The new TABBERAS series is designed to live with children and let you experience the fun of parent-child time while cooking.​ ​

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TABBERAS - mixing bowl with lid, pink/red, 4 l | IKEA Hong Kong and Macau - PE897056_S4

mixing bowl with lid, pink/red, 4 l



Jul 18, 2024 - Aug 28, 2024

or while supplies last

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