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FAQ & troubleshoot - Smart blinds

I have plugged in the repeater and nothing is happening?  + Answer

After plugging in the signal repeater for the first time, it may take a couple of minutes for all the electronic parts to start communicating together. This is the same if it is unplugged or if there is a power shortage.
I am pressing the up/down button on the remote control but nothing happens. + Answer

There can be a small delay as the remote ‘communicates’ with the Zigbee repeater and then the blind itself.
What if the battery runs out before use? + Answer

You can pull the blind down manually and then recharge the battery so that you can raise it again.
What is the Zigbee repeater? + Answer

The repeater is a necessary part to help operate the blind (it will not work otherwise). It helps the blind and the remote control to communicate. It is needed for proper wireless function.
How long can I use the blind before I need to recharge the battery? + Answer

With normal usage (up and down once a day), a fully charged battery should last 4 to 6 months before needing to be recharged. As with any battery, the ability to hold a charge will gradually reduce over time.
How long does it take to recharge the battery? + Answer

Around 4-5 hours with the IKEA charger.
Can I use KADRILJ or FYRTUR in my bathroom/outdoors? + Answer

No, but you can use them in all other indoor areas of the home.
What’s the difference between FYRTUR and KADRILJ? + Answer

Both have the same motorised mechanism that can also work with the IKEA Home smart app and TRÅDFRI gateway. KADRILJ fabric is sheer and will let some light through but provide privacy. FYRTUR has a block-out, woven material that darkens your room and blocks out the light – perfect for a great sleeping environment.
Can I cut the motorised blinds to fit my window? + Answer

No, but KADRILJ and FYRTUR are available in 5 different sizes – 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm and 140cm.
Do the blinds have a memory function? + Answer

The pre-set functions in the IKEA Home smart app can create the same settings from one day to the next.

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