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Quilt cover and 4 pillowcases, double

$ 349

More options available

Work lamp, dark grey/white

$ 39.9

Ergonomic pillow, multi position

$ 349

Rug, low pile, green

$ 399

Quilt cover and 2 pillowcases, single

$ 149.9

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Saucepan with lid, enamelled steel

$ 179.9

Desk, black

$ 1,990

Upholstered bed frame, knisa light grey

$ 1,190

More options available

Cabinet with glass doors, white

$ 1,190

Table, light grey

$ 1,490

More options available

Corner sofa-bed with storage, hyllie beige

$ 4,790

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Cushion cover, dark green

$ 79.9

$ 69.9

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Tray, bamboo

$ 49.9

$ 39.9

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Kitchen mat, yellow/white

$ 129.9

$ 99.9

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Box, transparent

$ 129.9

$ 119.9

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Pocket sprung mattress, firm/light grey

$ 3,290

$ 2,990

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Wardrobe, white

$ 1,990

$ 1,790

Corner sofa-bed with storage, skiftebo dark grey

$ 4,590

$ 3,990

More options available

Trolley, turquoise

$ 399

$ 349

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Chest of 2 drawers, white

$ 690

$ 590

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Bed frame with storage, white

$ 2,990

$ 2,790

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Create the Swedish style outdoor party

For many people, autumn is a time for coming together, sharing food and giving thanks. Have a great party with IKEA outdoor furniture.

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Enjoy a Swedish-style dish or local favourite in the Restaurant. And, explore the Swedish Food Market for take-home meals and treats.

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Limited time dining set offer

Purchase LISABO/JANINGE dining set to enjoy 15% off at IKEA stores!

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Special Offer for Your New Home

Enjoy up to $3,000 purchase discount if you are the occupants of Ocean Supreme, St Barths, Choi Hing Court and Kai Long Court!

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New in Ideas

Creative hotspots at home – that work when you do


Getting things done at home can be a challenge, especially when you don’t have a fixed spot for it. Here are three unexpected solutions for creative activities (or more ordinary tasks) that take up space only when you need them.

Home visit: 5 super small space tricks to try


Living spaces may be shrinking, but there’s always room for creativity. Try these tips and tricks from a tiny apartment dweller and see how you could optimise the space you have.

An enlightened life – the joy of living with less


Choosing life in a small space doesn't mean choosing a small life! Challenged to create a home for a retiree who downsized to a studio apartment, interior designer Hans Blomquist mixed comfort and smat storage for a home free of clutter and room to live big.

Home visit: a unique table top plant display


Short on space, but big on nature? A plant expert and blogger shares her step-by-step guide for creating a forest-inspired table-top plant display.

Bedtime routines to wake up refreshed


A good night’s sleep has a lot to do with how you prepare for it. Like taking the time to properly wind down and leave the day behind. Here we’ve collected tips on truly calming bedtime routines.

A flexible small-space studio designed for easy moves


Moving can seem fun and exciting, but creating a home that feels truly yours can be a challenge. Especially in a temporary place with strict rules. See how you can turn a space into a home – even if you can’t paint or drill.

Home visit: peek inside my 12m2 city apartment


It’s official – this is the smallest home we’ve ever visited! Step inside and see what it takes to live well in a micro apartment in the middle of the city.

Adapting a small home as your family grows


“When your family grows, but your home doesn’t, flexible solutions, and smart organisation can help meet your individual needs while still sharing space,” says Emilia Ljungberg, interior designer at IKEA, who created this model home, customised to work harder for a typical growing family.

How to create a walk-in wardrobe in your bedroom


Having a walk-in wardrobe doesn’t require a separate room. See how you can create one with all the functions and personality you need – that fits into your bedroom.

Home visit: grow your own together


If you’re lucky enough to have outdoor space or an allotment, growing your own produce will help kids to learn lots of new skills, and lower your impact on the environment. Here’s how to get little ones involved…

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