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Tips on how to get more deep sleep

Sleeping well, feeling well ​

Why is sleep so important, and why is it just impossible to sleep well some nights? When you sleep, your body is rebooting many of its systems and carrying out all sorts of maintenance. Learn everything you need to know about sleep and how to wake up well rested.​

1. Create more well-being with better sleep

Sleep is vital for our physical and emotional well-being. Physically, the body goes through a restorative process that affects the digestive system, the immune system and the cardiovascular system. It has actually been proven that a lack of sleep increases the level of “hunger hormone”, making us eat more than we should and thus increasing the risk for all sorts of diseases. Lack of sleep might increase the risk of getting heart disease and even Alzheimer’s disease. ​​

2. Sleep is good for your brain​

Getting the right amount of sleep is crucial when it comes to emotional and cognitive functions. The hours that we sleep allow the brain to catch up and prepare itself for the day ahead. The positive effects of good sleep also affect our ability to focus and concentrate, remember things, solve problems and motivate ourselves.

3. The science behind sleep​

Sleep consists of four sleep stages that always occur in the same order. Each complete sleep cycle lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.​

Stage 1 - Light sleep

Between being awake and falling asleep. As this happens our heartbeat and our breathing slow down and our muscles relax. ​

Stage 2 - Preparation for deep sleep ​

Our heartbeat and our breathing slow down even more – and our brain activity is also slower. ​

Stage 3 – Deep sleep​

Our body is completely relaxed and our brain is running on idle. The repair and restoration processes in our body are taking place. ​

Stage 4 – Dreaming (REM)​
Our eyes are now moving rapidly from side to side and our muscles are paralysed.​

Can I learn how to sleep like a log?​

The short answer is yes, you can! Sleep is no longer the mystery that it used to be and you have almost unlimited possibilities to create a sleeping environment that fits you.​​​

  • Exercise builds up a brain chemical that promotes a deeper sleep.​
  • Don’t go to bed with your mobile​.​​
  • Reduce Alcohol, coffee and smoking​.​​
  • Know more about six essentials of better sleep​.​ ​

Six essentials of better sleep​

There are 6 factors that play a significant role in your night-time sleep quality, which in turn affect your energy, health, and happiness the following day.​​

Comfort is the most important one among 6 sleep essentials.​
A comfortable mattress, a pillow that fits your sleeping position and the right duvet is vital for good sleep. Whether you should have a firm or a soft bed comes down to your sleeping position. Your pillow should fit your taste but also your sleeping position and go well with your mattress.
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Temperature is the next essential to consider.
A good guideline is to keep the temperature anywhere you feel comfortable between 18 and 25°C. The right mattress or duvet will help creating the right individual temperature.​
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Light, tricks our bodies into thinking it’s time to wake up and makes falling asleep harder.​ ​
Blockout curtains and blinds can make a big difference by keeping natural light and city lights out. ​Warm light is the best option as you are getting ready to sleep. A dimmable bulb where you can change the warmth of the light can be a really good investment. 
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Sound, the next essential for good sleep.
​In a perfect world, your bedroom should be an oasis of calm. Keeping sound out can be a real challenge. Soft furnishings, like heavy curtains and thick rugs help to isolate the bedroom and also dampens vibrations.
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Air quality is the fifth essential. ​
In many parts of the world, keeping your home free from pollutions is a big issue. And since we spend so much time in bed, it's more important in the sleeping area. ​ An air purifying curtain, a fan, an AC unit, an air purifier make a big difference.
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Clutter free, colors and furnishings.
When it comes to furnishings in the bedroom, keep it simple and keep the clutter under control. ​Make sure to choose colors that make you relax while at the same time you stay true to expressing your personal style, for example with duvet covers, throws and cushions.
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Ideas & Solutions for a good night sleep

Mattress play a huge role in ensuring you a good night’s sleep​ ​

Choosing the right mattress to suit your personal needs can improve your sleeping experience. When choosing your perfect mattress, you'll need to consider your sleeping position, weight, and temperature preferences.

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