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5 space-smart ways to show off your favourite things

Surrounding yourself with the things you love can make your home feel a little more personal – more you. Gathering your treasured items in a display is a great way to enjoy them, even when they’re not being used. The good news is that an eye-catching display needn’t take up a lot of space nor cost a lot.

Let your dinner services shine

Why should your favourite dinner services and table decorations only be appreciated at meal times? Put them in a cabinet with glass doors and add some integrated lighting and they will make the room look better around the clock.

Highlight or hide away?

In every home there are things you like looking at and things that you need but would rather not see. An open shelving unit like this provides storage for both categories. Leave the nice stuff on top or on the open shelves, and add inserts to hide the rest.

Great from every angle

A glass door cabinet is a great way to show off the things you’re proud of. A cabinet with glass on three sides means you can see your stuff from most angles, which is great in smaller rooms.

Coffee or tea, anyone?

If you’re really into coffee and tea then there’s probably much more than just the taste that you enjoy. There’s the packaging, the porcelain, the pots. An open wall-hung display like this right next to the table means you’ll be able to enjoy these things all the time. And when it's time to enjoy a cup of your favourite brew, everything is within easy reach.

Put your glass behind glass

Glass is a wonderful material. It can both let light through and play with it. And if your personal passion involves glass bottles or containers, they will really come into their own in a glass cabinet. In this case, the mirrored back adds another facet to a sparkling display.

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