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8 ways to set up a vanity table

A vanity table outside the bathroom gets you out of the toothbrush clutter and makes your beauty routine flow smoother. Fit it to your needs by making smart use of your space – the more compact it is, the easier it is to squeeze in.

The essential vanity mirror

If you think about it, what’s really key for doing your make-up is a mirror and great lighting. So, a vanity mirror with built-in lights can be a great place to start, especially if you want a compact vanity solution.

Mirror, storage and lighting in one

This bathroom mirror cabinet is perfectly suited for a smart vanity set-up as it gives you a mirror, storage and lighting all in one. A shelving unit underneath makes your make-up and styling routine flow even smoother.

A comfortable me-corner

With a bamboo desk, a stylish mirror and a comfy chair with footrest pouffe, your vanity table also doubles as a nice me-space – somewhere to pause with a cup of tea. Don’t forget the right lamps for a bit of flair.

The all-out vanity table

If make-up and styling really is your thing there’s no reason to hold back. Treat yourself to a proper desk with plenty of storage, a chair that’s comfortable for long hours on end, and a big mirror bathing in light.

Make a mini vanity space

Place a mirror directly on the window sill to get a super-compact vanity station. Great for doing your make-up in natural light. Just add a spotlight for focused light, a magnifying mirror and a handy trolley.

Double function finesse

With the right furniture and accessories your vanity table can blend in perfectly with a classic bedroom style and work both as a vanity table and bedside table. Just swing the lamp over for a comfortable bedtime read.

Grooming and styling in style

Set up an elegant, compact bedroom station for grooming and styling. The trolley is key to keeping everything you need well-organised and within easy reach, and lets you smoothly tuck it all away when you’re done.

A vanity table to get going

A mirror, good lighting and a little space for storage can be worked into almost any hallway solution. Hey presto, you have a small vanity table just where you need it before setting off for the day.

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