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How to make a shared kitchen feel like your own

Sharing a kitchen can be challenging. Luckily, a few simple ideas and products can help you keep track of your things, create extra space and make the shared space feel like your space.

Room for everyone

A trolley like this not only gives you portable storage, it also gives you an extra worktop when and where you need it. And when there are a lot of cooks in the kitchen, you need all the workspace you can get.

Keep the lines of communication open

One of the keys to successful sharing is good communication. A blackboard in the kitchen will let you and your roommates stay in touch around the clock. Who’s where, who’s turn is it to cook, shop or take out the rubbish? With a blackboard, you’ll never have to wonder again.

Yours, mine, ours

Most kitchens have multiple drawers and cupboards, which can make keeping track of your things a bit tricky. Labels like these help everyone create and maintain their own personal space. They’re clear enough to get the message through, but subtle enough not to ruin the look of your kitchen.

Everyone gets a trolley

Individual trolleys create your own personal, portable storage and workstation. Just pull it out when you need it, put it back when you don’t. Choosing different colours will make sure you and your roommates don’t get your trolleys mixed up.

Pick your personal pattern

Assigning a pattern or colour to each person means everyone will know whose tea towel is whose. It’s both more convenient and more hygienic. Self-assured roommates are happy roommates.

Trolley, white



Trolley, black



Kitchen trolley, birch



Jar with lid, clear glass, 1.8 l



Tea towel, white/dark grey/patterned

$24.9 / 4 pieces


Memo board, 40x60 cm, black



4 Aug, 2022 - 5 Oct, 2022

or while supplies last


Jar with lid, clear glass, 1 l



Jar with lid, clear glass, 0.5 l



Colander, off-white


0 (0)

Rug, flatwoven, 80x150 cm, black/natural


0 (0)

Grater, stainless steel



Pot holder, grey

$19.9 / 2 pieces


Container, natural


0 (0)

S-hook, white

$19.9 / 5 pieces

0 (0)

Rail, birch


0 (0)


$60 / 2 pieces

0 (0)

Worktop, ash effect/laminate


Only available in-store

0 (0)

Base cabinet/pull-out int fittings, white/veddinge white


Only available in-store

0 (0)

Label holder

$25 / 5 pieces

Temporarily out of stock.

0 (0)

Fork, beech


Temporarily out of stock.

0 (0)

Base cb 4 frnts/2 low/3 md drwrs, white maximera/veddinge white


Only available in-store

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