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Organisation helps good habits start early

children storage shelf
It's easier to keep things tidy in the kids’ room when there's a place for everything. Good storage can even make it fun for them to stay organised all by themselves – the more so if you let them decide where each thing should go.

Toy storage ready for playtime

Playtime is more fun with all toys in order. And cleaning up after playtime (to get things in order) is easier with good storage for everything at the right height. Which again, makes playtime more fun. It’s a positive spiral.

Easy-access pull-out wardrobe

Clothes storage made especially for children gives them a full overview of what’s inside and makes getting dressed in the morning much easier. The same goes for putting clean laundry in and keeping clutter out.

Children’s hangers in cheerful colours

Unlike wooden hangers, these colourful coat-hangers are flexible so there’s no risk of breaking them. They also take less space than wooden ones, so you’ll have more room for clothes.

Boxes to care for your clothes

Organisers, baskets and boxes inside your wardrobe help keep things tidy and easy to find. Especially if they have separate compartments for t-shirts, underwear, socks and more.

Their first laundry day

Most children have days when they are extra keen to help out – days that are the perfect opportunity to encourage good tidying habits. Why not let them lend a hand with the laundry and teach them how to take care of their own clothes?

A basket for resourceful recycling

Why not keep a special basket for things that the children have grown out of? Both toys and clothes. It’s a good thing to learn to pass on to others what you no longer need.

Cabinets for a cuddly display

Open cabinets over the bed make a perfect home for soft toys and keep them within reach when it’s bedtime. They also work as a nice display, which make it more fun to put them back in the morning.

A lamp for good, clean fun

With keeping a tidy room comes keeping a tidy desk. And that’s much easier with a work lamp for proper lighting. After some well-lit creative work, there are simply no excuses for leaving a mess out – whatever time of day.

Show off your books and toys

A unit that shows the covers of books rather than their spines encourages reading. But it doesn’t just have to store books. It can display anything you like, including the latest building block masterpiece.

Stay energised with a quick snack

Cleaning your own room can be quite an effort. Remember to get a bite to eat to keep the mood and energy levels up.

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