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Room divider ideas that help create a private, productive workspace at home

ikea room divider

Just because you share a space doesn’t mean you have to share everything. With the right furnishing you can create a space at home where the lighting is good, the seating comfortable and adaptable, and where your business stays your business.

Get comfortable while looking your best

Working from the sofa-bed means you can even take those never-ending meetings lying down. And best of all, no one need ever know. Just be sure to turn your camera off. And when you’re thinking about lighting, don’t forget natural light. Window treatments like blackout curtains will let you control how much sun gets in and help keep screen reflections and harsh, unflattering light to a minimum.

Combining mood and focused lighting will make working easier

Mood lighting provides soft, ambient light that makes those long hours staring at a screen more bearable, while the focused light of a work lamp will also help you maintain your focus.

Room dividers let you share video calls with workmates, not your roommates

When it comes to online meetings, privacy is key. A room divider like this will let you work undisturbed and also help stop you disturbing those around you.

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