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The perfect vanity table

If you dream of the perfect vanity table, it probably has mirrors all around with great lighting, a separate hair station and lots of handy drawers and shelves for your make-up and accessories. Here’s how to make it come true.

Hook up your devices

Of course the perfect vanity table wouldn’t be perfect without speakers, stands and chargers for all your devices. No doubt you will want them around for listening to music, watching tutorials and sharing a picture or two.

The lights make the mirror

The main mirror is where the magic happens, but it's really the light from all angles that brings it to life. These long-life LED wall lamps are covered in stainless steel for a rich reflective effect that helps reduce shadows.

Comfort for long hours on end

If you put together a vanity set-up as big as this, you will probably spend many hours here. So, don’t underestimate the importance of having a proper desk – and not least, a really comfortable chair.

For seamless styling and storage

Turn around and there’s your full-figure mirror beside a drawer unit that helps keep your make-up tidy. Stick your hair-styling stuff on a pegboard above the unit and you also have a dedicated space for doing your hair.


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