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A classical bathroom with a new, fresh look and feel

We’ve designed this modern bathroom for the smaller-sized living space. Style and function are embraced by classical details like old windows and radiators, in a collaboration of colour and feeling. This renovated bathroom has fresh green colours, tone-in-tone walls plus a green and white tiled floor. A classical home, refreshed.

Bathroom cabinets and wall hooks for a bathroom anyone could love

The big details are in the small details. These cabinets offer closed storage to keep your bathroom essentials stowed away, while handy wall hooks help make sure things you are using stay under control. Nothing gets dropped on the floor. It’s a whole bathroom experience, inside and out.

Containers on the shower wall make handy, space saving storage

These bathroom baskets with suction cups give you easy access to your toiletries, soaps and scrubbing brushes. No more feeling around with soap in your eyes. And the suction cups mean you can put them where you want on the wall. No more holes either.

Bathroom shelving for fixed storage and mobile laundry bags on wheels

These space-saving shelving units on the wall and towel racks combine with the laundry bag on wheels to give you mobility plus stability in this bathroom. You have a regular place for all your toiletries, and something that can follow you around for your used towels after you’ve finished.

Get your own classical bathroom a fresh look and feel

Find everything you need for a bathroom with all the modern style and function you’ve been dreaming of.

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