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A contemporary open-air living room in time for the outdoor season

Dream up your ideal place to spend a day of low-intensity activities – then take it outside. This is how we did precisely that.

A lunch with the best of what nature has to offer

Eating a meal outside heightens the moment as it is. Add this elegant slatted-acacia dining set, soft textiles and a leafy curtain – if you don’t have a hedge, a row of potted monstera will do the trick – and you’re right where you want to be.

The genius simplicity of adding textiles

What a difference well-chosen textiles in a limited colour palette can do! A few seat cushions turn the bench into an elegant backless sofa. Some throws, and you’re prepared for gusts and sitting out under the stars. Top off with a pair of patterned rugs, and you have a lounge for all hours.

Calm mood, leafy plants and plump cushions

The rug and parasol together with light textiles and warm wood frame this natural gathering spot. Whatever your outdoor creed – morning coffee, relaxing with friends or long evening sessions – everyone is invited.

An outdoor kitchen for great cooking – and style to match

Blending in well with the lines of the brick wall, the grill holds accessories without making a fuss. Then, when the right moment comes along, you light it up, allowing its fragrances and flavours to steal the show.

Great by day, all-out irresistible at night

Characterised by natural materials like acacia wood and lush plants, this setting is a perfect pleaser any day. Add lighting chains, lanterns and block candles, and your new favourite spot is ready to work double shifts all season.

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