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Home 1 | A deep sleep, day or night

In this one-bedroom apartment, the bed nook is designed for deep sleep. Completely private and with some clever lighting (and darkening) solutions, it can be used at any time of day, so for a young parent who works in shifts, there is always a cosy place to rest, no matter what time her head hits the pillow.

Darkened cosiness for undisturbed rest

As a person who sometimes works into the wee hours of the morning, this parent must manufacture her own darkness. Thick blinds cover the windows and a rail with both lighter drapes and blackout curtains can be drawn around the entire bed, making it midnight no matter the time of day.

Smart lighting solutions

Sometimes strong, bright direct light is needed. Other times, it’s a softer touch for tired eyes. Luckily, smart lighting delivers both, making changing the light intensity and warmth easy. One remote to control the setup makes it more luxurious with no need to hop back out of bed once snuggly tucked in.

A treat to wake up to

After a long shift engaging with people, a brief “me moment” is welcomed. This bed tray allows for just that: a rectangle dedicated to tea, the newspaper and a morsel to be enjoyed in solitude.

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