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A home that’s prepped for work and dipped in colour

How to integrate the need for hybrid work in a home environment, alongside the practical, playful and aesthetic demands of bustling family life? Welcome to a home that passes the test with flying colours.

Now you see it, now you don’t – your instant workspace

This is one desk that knows how to make a grand entrance. When not in use, it’s a toned-down, curtained wall section (with plenty of hidden storage). Pull the curtain and you have a fully fledged home office that’s height-adjustable, ergonomic, and even adds to the stylish energy of the room.

Look at that furniture go

When room rearrangement is part of your everyday flow, wheels are truly the way to go. Chairs, trolleys, and tables all have castors, making the space extra easy to arrange from one moment to the next. Also, the slimline furniture keeps the room light and airy. Study, play, work, repeat.

Room to enjoy the moment

The heart of this home is a space for everyday celebration. The blue circle adds a playful focus on the shelves on the wall and below. A colour-popping combination of accessories, entertainment and favourites on display, it’s an area equally prepared for home-office duties and daytime dance moves.

The little corner that could

Got a lucklustre corner to spare? Turn it into an attraction! In a busy home, a secluded space doesn’t have to be a separate room. Here, an inviting mix of colours and pastimes – and your personal headphones – makes relaxed me-time an easy choice.

Take this with you

In this family home, overlapping and even competing activities are the status quo. Therefore, everything is arranged with mobility in mind. Spaces either adjust to fit the activity, or an alternative space is available. The result? Colourful solutions for both play and hybrid work, and anything in-between.

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