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A minimalist urban bathroom devoted to style and self-care

Welcome to this modern bathroom in a warm and mature brown oak expression designed to support a busy lifestyle. The combination of tone-on-tone furniture and contrasting materials creates a sophisticated and sleek look.

Plenty of opportunities to add your personal touch

In this contemporary bathroom every detail has been selected to add flair and personality, like the wash-basin cabinet and the black tap. The mirror cabinet with mirrors on both sides of the doors lets you enjoy your bathroom from different angles, while the open wall cabinet is functional and decorative.

Accessories that make a difference

Stylish doesn’t mean unpractical

In order to fit a busy lifestyle into a small bathroom, find smart ways to use every nook and cranny. The rack and the wall mirror make it easier to transition from work to the gym or a meetup. The laundry bag with wheels is never in the way and you can store your toiletries neatly in the wall cabinet.

The modern bathroom in dark wood tones that fits your taste and lifestyle

The rich and earthy tones inspired by nature contribute to this bathroom’s stylish look in a brown oak effect. Designed to fit a small space, this solution features multiple cabinets that can be combined in various ways to fit anyone’s needs and sense of style.

Recreate the look - piece by piece

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