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A modern oasis that’s also a business office

Step into a well-equipped, flexible co-working community that’s designed to combine productivity and well-being with a touch of home. The secret ingredient? Biophilic design – an idea based on connecting interiors to the natural environment through the direct or indirect use of nature. Prepare to be inspired.

A complete workspace with a feel-good mood

An ergonomic chair by a height-adjustable desk is a great place to start. Then, add the subtler things that are just as important. A harmonious mix of calming, noise-reducing textures and materials. Green plants – real or artificial – anywhere you can. Maximise the flow of daylight. See the difference?


Storage and organisation (in decorative disguise)

Shelves and cabinets are necessary and convenient – but don’t let them dominate the view. Plants, lamps and braided baskets help soften the sharp edges. Devote space for compartments with room for personal expression. Perhaps a book-swap shelf?


A green chameleon of a collaboration area

A soothing artificial-plant wall sets the mood in this otherwise highly flexible area. Wheeled, easy-to-move furniture makes for a fluid set-up. With noise-reducing screens for seclusion, the space is ready for anything from informal gatherings to high-profile presentations.

Walk the walk, talk the talk

All conference spaces occupied and fresh out of ideas? Studies indicate that holding meetings while physically active can improve creativity and problem-solving thinking. Grab a power bank, head outside, and clear your minds while moving the project forward.


Mealtime seats for all tastes

Don’t be afraid to branch out from the ordinary canteen. This is instead several connected spaces, furnished with earthy tones, braided rattan and green leaves. The light atmosphere sets the scene for a relaxed time whether you’re here for a full meal or a snack, together or alone, talks or restful silence.


Like a recycling station, but welcoming

A space for sorting cans and the like can often use a little help to feel more inviting. Like combining it with an appetising, decorative display of lunchtime accessories with easy access for all. Then add a plant or three.


Who needs a conference table, anyway?

Meeting spaces may be a must, but how they look is an open question. Aim to create a room that makes people feel at ease, then go from there. Comfy seating and potted plants. Textiles, adjustable lighting and an air purifier. A place for the best type of gathering – short, productive, energising.


The benefits of having business neighbours

In a co-working environment, housing separate activities under one roof can often be a win-win situation. Here, a massage therapist uses slimline furniture to maximise space without reducing the natural, earthy feel of the room. Talk about promoting the overall well-being of the workplace!


The hallway you wish you had at home

The first thing a visitor sees deserves to be cared for. Give a sense of the people working here. Allow space for accessories and bike-commuter gear. Plenty of hooks for outerwear, and add an extra mirror for checking that everything is in place. Voila, you’re welcome.


Sitting at a desk is optional

The lounging area is both part of the office and a separate entity. You’re surrounded by soft impressions from lighting and sound, art and materials. It’s also semi-secluded thanks to curtains. Besides socialising, it’s ideal for flexible work and easily rearranged to fit your needs.


The weekend starts here

True to the biophilic theme, the lounge area is full of greenery and naturally decorative materials. These mood-setting elements come in full swing when working hours shift to free time. With space and props for putting one’s feet up, lighting to match soft beats, and an atmosphere in off-work mode.

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