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Home 2 | A small apartment with refreshing, sharable details

What makes for a considered home? For the couple who live in this one-bedroom apartment, it’s all down to the aesthetics. They’ve put together a curated home just asking to be photographed and shared with the world. Their secret? Well, that lies in the details.


They couldn’t describe themselves as minimalists, but they’ve certainly been strict with their colour palette. Soft natural tones are found throughout their home, with woven baskets, wood and glass vases catching the eye at every turn. The result is a warm space that feels more expansive than its footprint.


While they mostly work from the office, sometimes they set up shop at their dining table. Like the rest of their home, this workstation comes together exquisitely. A cork table protector adds a layer of pleasing practicality, while their office chair is both stylish and supportive - the best of both!


Much like their beautiful apartment, sometimes their curated outfits need to be documented too. Their perfectly organised hallway makes for a great backdrop, with its statement mirror and lighting setup giving them just what they need to strike and capture a pose. Oh so heartable!


An ambitious, busy pair, moments together are precious. They’ve learnt that by preparing their lunches the night before, they have time in the morning for quiet closeness, where hot tea slowly brews, conversation flows, and phones get put to one side for a little old-fashionedw connection.

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