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Home 10 |Any space will do: making a bedroom to call your own

Just like the people who inhabit them, no two bedrooms are completely alike. Small and cosy to large and lofty, storage, lighting, colour and texture are all you really need to make your bedroom a space you’ll always be pleased to enter.

Clothes storage ideas for bigger spaces

A bigger footprint allows for more space to play, and in this bedroom that means dress up. A mix of open and closed storage creates the option to put away some items while displaying others. If you love your clothing collection, why not enjoy your favourite pieces even when you’re not in them?

Your very own workspace

If working from home is something you’re intimately familiar with, creating a proper area for it is a worthwhile pursuit. Nestled between two wardrobes, this desk in the bedroom gets the job done, and with a cabinet directly above, papers and stationery are always close at hand without taking up desk – or mental – space.

“Your room can express who you are - from the colours you pick to the music you play. It’s all about creating an atmosphere to feel your best.”

 Hans Blomquist
 Interior designer

Lighting for every mood

Lighting is one of the easiest and most immediate ways to alter the atmosphere of a space. Functional lighting – like a dedicated reading or floor lamp to brighten up your desk – is super useful, but just as important is some softer, ambient light to lift and set the mood.

Layering in some tactile textiles

Toning it up or down

Working with a restricted colour palette can help foster a sense of calm and order. Interestingly, it can also create the illusion of more space – a real boon when working with a smaller area.

Storage for small bedrooms

While incredibly useful, larger, closed storage pieces can sometimes feel too overbearing in smaller spaces. Other times, they simply won’t fit! Selecting smaller, open storage pieces - like a clothes rail or shelves - can open up even a little space, while simultaneously making finding what you’re looking for far easier.

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