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Home 3| Ask a designer: modern rustic style on a budget

“I love the modern rustic style look but I don’t know how to create this look in my own home, let alone on a budget. Where do I begin?” Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Interior designer Hans Blomquist is a seasoned pro when it comes to the modern rustic style, showing how achievable it can be to integrate this look into any home, and affordably too.

Watch and learn

A plain white rental into a cosy, curated modern rustic style cottage for two: see how Hans did it all – even on a budget. With a few tips and tricks – like working with what you already have as a base – you too can bring some modern rustic whimsy into your own home.

Let interior designer Hans Blomquist show you just how easy it is to add some modern rustic touches to your home by working with what you already have, showing off your second-hand finds and adding gorgeous texture with lovely natural materials - bought, found and foraged!

Something old, something new

Because modern rustic style is a mix of old and new, you probably have a few pieces that will work with the look already. This home brings together modern details with inherited, found and foraged items.

A base of black and white

The simple combination of white and black is a classic for a reason: it works with almost everything! So even if you add other colours here and there, your home will still feel fresh and considered.

Step into another home

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