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Home is our happy place

In a world that’s big and busy, it’s important to have a home that feels cozy and comfortable for everyone – especially when living with little ones. Maybe your home is small? Maybe your family is big? It doesn’t matter. With a bit of clever thinking (and team spirit!) there are always ways to make room for togetherness, privacy – and fun. Here’s how.

Let’s have some fun

Not just the best way to make an afternoon at home fly by, play is super important for almost every aspect of a child’s development. If you don’t want your home to look like a 24/7 carnival, though, these pack-in-a-snap solutions are here to help.


Move the drawers on wheels to the side, pull down the table and the kids have a dedicated corner for creativity that’s just as easy to fold away again when they’re done.

Dinner’s almost ready! This trolley on standby wrangles the kids’ ever-growing origami zoo when it’s time for the dining table to be cleared.


A dedicated drawer in the living room or dining room (or wherever!) keeps the family’s craft supplies and games neatly organised – and always close at hand.

All hands on deck

Sure, cooking dinner (and cleaning up after) takes a little longer with kids; but you’ll be bonding, improving their motor skills and teaching them life lessons all at the same time. If your little one has a picky palate, letting them help choose the menu could even make them more likely to eat it. Well, it’s worth a shot, right?


Adding a step stool to your kitchen lets your little one reach higher drawers, and makes the worktops a more comfortable height.


For junior chefs age 8 and up, we have SMÅBIT knife and peeler, which are sized and shaped for little hands and designed to avoid injuries.

Your space, my space, our space

With everyone under one roof, a good balance of togetherness and privacy can do a world of good. As homes become smaller and smaller, though, how can you make space for both? Take a look at this shared bedroom below, where using a loft bed creates a “kids- only” zone on top, plus a mini-lounge for both mom and son below.


See the world through their eyes

Do you remember being a child? Do you remember what it felt like? Do you remember how big everything (and everyone!) seemed? Just checking in with your child, and seeing things from their perspective, can really make them feel at ease. And cuddles, of course. Plenty of cuddles!


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