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Home 4 | Behind closed doors: home storage ideas in a stylish apartment


The person living in this home is definitely no minimalist, though their ultra-organised apartment might have you thinking otherwise! It’s all down to the array of closed storage units throughout the house, keeping all but the absolute essentials and nice-to-look-ats hidden from view..


Hallway with a touch of wardrobe

With limited clothing storage space available in the bedroom, this home’s hallway steps in to help. A curated collection of hats are kept out on display, but what you don’t see are the jackets, scarves and other out-of-season attire that’s packed into the cabinet below. Elegant storage boxes in all shapes and sizes keep them neatly stored and easy to access when colder weather arrives.

A home workspace you can hide away

The generous size of this cabinet means there’s plenty of space for other things too. Hidden behind the doors on the opposite end is a whole lot of paperwork, stationery and even a printer – all organised with the help of magazine files, boxes and more. Simply slide the doors shut to activate “out of office” mode.

Functional elegance

A wall-mounted TV bench is the main stage of this living room, commanding attention with its clean lines and wood-veneer doors. But don’t let its look fool you: this is one hard-working piece of furniture. Take a peek inside and an impressive amount of storage space presents itself, letting no charger or cable disrupt the style of the room around it.

Made to match

A range of perfectly-sized interior fittings and organisers will help you make the most of every inch inside your BESTÅ storage combination.


A toast to space-saving storage

On the opposite end of the room, the same wood-veneer doors appear once again – this time as an ultra-shallow floating cabinet for glassware. This adds much-appreciated storage to the dining area, while taking up zero floorspace. Closed doors have another function: keeping your favourite champagne coupes free of dust.

A well-tailored fit

Here’s a wardrobe as well-designed and put together as its contents, with doors that lighten up the room with a calm and elegant style. Interior organisers curate the collection of shirts, belts and spectacles, with integrated lighting to let each one shine.

Organise your style

The best thing about PAX wardrobes is that you can configure their interiors almost any way you want. This individual, for instance, only has a few shirts that need hanging – so drawers, shelves and display trays are ideal for the items he has more of.

Bathroom storage that cleans up well

Creams, colognes, shampoos, foams and brushes are packed away into an elegant wall-mounted cabinet that complements the nearby mirror beautifully. There when you need them, hidden when you don’t.

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