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Invite nature’s magic into your home

Plants are perfect roommates. They bring colour, life and warmth without too much expense or effort. They keep you company but don’t generate dishes or dirty socks. And they’re okay with almost any empty corner. Invite some plants into your home today – it might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Feel refreshed

Plants reduce stress, and the colour green is beneficial to a good night’s sleep, so why not create a cosier sleep zone by using plants as a decorative and budget-friendly room divider?

Change the focus

Plants in decorative pots on different heights in a corner soften vertical lines, hide imperfections in walls, and add life to the whole room.

Make your greenery grow

Multiply your plant collection by dividing bigger plants and cutting stems and plantlets. If you’re a patient gardener, you might even want to try planting fruit seeds and vegetable scraps – a fun and affordable feel-good hobby that grows on you.

A vertical mini-garden

If you’re longing for more plants but space is tight, you can put up shelves for smaller pots and vases on different heights. A hanging arrangement holds plenty of plants and works perfectly in kitchens and bathrooms as well.

For a better everyday life

If you’re lucky enough to have a big balcony, terrace or garden, you can create a botanical haven with a combination of big and small plants. Place them high and low, planted in the ground or pots (or both), and always in corners. The less you can see of the walls, the better. Laying out a floor and adding cosy lighting creates the feeling of a room – a magical place to enjoy the sun, the rain, mornings, evenings or just a simple cup of tea.

Delicious decorations

Aromatic herbs infuse freshness into your cooking as well as into your kitchen. This practical plant stand with five pots lets you have them within reach without taking up much counter space.

More plants, plus storage

If you love plants, your windowsills are likely to fill up fast. Since there can never be too many shelves, why not create more space both for your plants and books?

What’s your style?

Using plant pots with a simple shape and just in one colour will give a modern and well-coordinated look even if your plants are all different. For an eclectic look – do the opposite.

A pot your tree will love

Trees bring nature indoors in a powerful way, but they can be hard to keep happy and healthy. A self-watering plant pot helps you take care of your tree, and the castors make it easier to find its favourite spot.

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