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Some days, the best way to stay balanced is to hit snooze

Must-dos might be unavoidable parts of everyday life, but we can still make sure to treat ourselves to a breather every chance we get. So, even if chronic snoozing isn’t great for sleep quality, there are mornings when the best thing you can do is to say yes to an unexpected lie-in. Getting those extra precious minutes of shut-eye may very well be what saves the day.
Give your head a proper rest
We all have different pillow preferences. KLUBBSPORRE ergonomic pillow is made of memory foam, topped with a cooling gel layer. The foam cradles your head, neck and shoulders, relieving tension and pressure, while the gel gives a cool, soothing surface. Best of all, it works for all ways of sleeping.
Be embraced by a headboard
Give your bedroom an even cushier look with a TUFJORD upholstered bed frame. It has a rounded headboard that doesn’t only make it much comfier to cuddle up when it’s time for bed; it’s an open invitation for daytime naps. Great for keeping focus, and lots more.
Get snug with a rug
Rugs are great for creating a warm and snug atmosphere just about anywhere. The BRÖNDEN low-pile rug is handmade by skilled Indian craftspeople, meaning that each one is unique. Also, being made from 100% wool, it’s naturally soil-repellent and very durable.
Leave the world outside
Create the perfect ambience in your bedroom with lots of textiles that soften sound and with block-out blinds that make your room extra dark at night – and that stops the morning sun when it isn’t wanted. If you go for a FYRTUR blind, you won’t even need to leave your bed to adjust it, just use the remote. Need even more to achieve the blackout you want? Try using an eye mask, as an extra barrier.
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